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World in Conflict: The Cold War Heats Up!

"World in Conflict,” (WiC) however, is a totally different concept all together. Taking place in 1989, the year in which the Soviet Union collapsed, the game itself takes an alternate route in history and shows what could have happened. Instead of the USSR collapsing, its leaders choose to invade western Europe and Seattle which sparks World War III, and the Cold War gets very hot.

Listen up Deaf Community: To the Aggressive Members – It’s Time to Hear the...

A few weeks back, I sat at my desk in my Introduction to Exceptional Individual’s class, or, as it should be called from what I...

Memorial Services for Jennifer Snarski

As mentioned in last week’s issue of The Voice, an event for students to gather as one and come together to show pay respects...

More human than humane: The human species has always, and will always be animals

By Mike Graziano   Watching humans, and the way we act towards one another has instilled in me a great sort of fear that we have...

View from The Voice: 9/11 – A rite of passage for a generation

Editorial from The Voice We, by nature as people, are all inherently different in our views and ideals. This is why we...

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