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A Movie Review: Falling Hard for Twilight

Not only a love story comparable to “Titanic,” this movie has enough action to keep it from becoming a total “chick flick.” Though it may have been a type of action void of car races and gun fights, it brought the world of vampires to a new level. No longer just blood sucking villains, these vamps are the heroes.

“Twilight” dazzles audiences

Amazingly comical, the full cast works together in an amazing team. The mood keeps your attention, from funny to sad and back to heartbreakingly beautiful.

“Zack and Miri Make a Porno” … Kevin Smith + Seth Rogan = how...

In “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” the two life-long friends played by Seth Rogen (like you don’t know who he is) and Elizabeth Banks (you may remember from “40-Year-Old Virgin,” as well as recent roles in “W.” and “Role Models”) are having some trouble paying their bills...

“Mirror’s Edge” … Defying Gravity and Genre

“Mirror's Edge” is a game that gives gamers hope that even in these days of cookie cutter FPSs and unimaginative, clichéd RPGs, new and innovative ideas still spring up from time to time.

“Saw V” Playing the game… again

By: Dan Hineline In the latest installment of the “Saw” film series, the story picks up right where the last film ended. The audience knows...

“Fable 2” From Epic to Insignificant

By: Fred Bloss “Fable 2” is a game that everyone who played the first “Fable” waited for.  A lot of promises were made, the game was supposed to...

“Guitar Hero IV: World Tour” – a tour de force

It has been a good two weeks since the newest installment to the Guitar Hero saga, “Guitar Hero: World Tour” was released, and the question on everyone’s mind is this: Why hasn’t anyone covered that shit? The answer is simple: there are absolutely way too many epic features in the game to fit into a single review. Regardless, here are the main things you need to know in order to get your rock on...

“In Direct Communication:” A Lesson in Unconventionality

Written by: Katie Goodling Keith Lynch is no stranger to independence. As a one man indie rock/pop band, Lynch recently released his fifth album, “In Direct...

Dead Space: High Caliber Horror

The combat is this game's most innovative feature. While the monsters are undead, the classic “shoot them in the head” method will not work here. In order to dispatch these monsters, you must strategically dismember them. This adds a sense of complexity to the game as the player must figure out witch limbs to remove in order to kill a particular creature.

Bands You Should Know: The Gaslight Anthem

By: Brendan Schaller When considering the modern sound of punk rock, chances are you’d expect the same recycled sound that you’ve heard from countless imitators...

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