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Tara Freeland

Animal Resource Center gives thanks for new location

The Animal Resource Center (ARC) of Bloomsburg, Pa. will be speaking on location at their new facilities, concerning their current transition and in accordance, the urgency of pet adoption and fostering. The ARC will be speaking to local community members about their new building and the need for and the benefits of adopting or fostering a lifelong friend.

Established in 1993: Bloomsburg Block Party

Take an inside look at the evolution of Bloomsburg’s Block Party and compare this years event to the infamous 2007 gathering.

Bowl and Make a Difference

Upon entering college, it is easy to get caught up in university activities. One day you have a study group meeting, the next day you have tennis practice, and tonight you are planning to go out to a movie with your friends. In fact, it is so easy to get caught up with university activities that it is simple to forget that although you are part of the university community, you are also part of the Bloomsburg community.

“Lost and Found”

The College Freshman experience. The moment finally arrives. There they go, as they walk hesitantly away from their parents and jump into a new environment all on their own. Mom is no longer there to wake them up in the morning, and Dad is no longer there to be over-protective of them. It is all up to them.

Will “Joe the Plumber” be a Bummer?

Throughout the presidential race, candidates have been experimenting with many campaign tactics.