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Robert Pellechio

Improv-a-nation at Bloomsburg University

Imagine looking at your reflection in a mirror and watching it match your every move. It doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, at least not until it’s your turn to be the reflection.

Bloomsburg Players to Put on Commemorative Performance of W;t Honoring Dr. Gulley

The BU Players continue their season with a production of Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, W;t. The play depicts the journey of Professor Vivian Bearing from her diagnosis to the end of her treatment for ovarian cancer. The play’s cast includes students of Bloomsburg University in addition to Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s Elizabeth Dowd and former Bloomsburg University faculty member Dr. Mary Badami. The production is being mounted in memory of Dr. Ervene Gulley, chair and professor in the English Department, who died July 25.

“There was a community movement to do a tribute to Dr. Gulley,” says Professor Michael Collins, the play’s director. “BTE [Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble] was willing to do the show, but their season was already set.”