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Richard Ganahl

BUnow: Still Revolutionary on Its 14th B-Day!

Fourteen years ago this week in 2008, BUnow’s first Editor-in-Chief Shannon Hoffman published its very first story, Revolutionary! In it she promised, “BUnow will develop into an outstanding publication that you can resort to for hard hitting news, entertainment and insight on…

Ads Express Sympathy After ‘Day of Infamy’

Author’s Note: This research article appeared in Media In An American Crisis  (2005) edited by Elinor Kelley Grusin and Sandra H. Utt, then editors of the Newspaper Research Journal and published by University Press of America. It includes an Appendix not published in the…

Vote: Homecoming King & Queen


Hey BUnow! Happy 10th Birthday

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Many hundreds of students, faculty, staff, friends and organizations are true celebrants in BUnow’s Tenth Anniversary. While it’s impossible to name them all, all are remembered. We are forever grateful for your support and friendship. BUnow Family Hey,…

Bloomsburg Flood 2011: The Aftermath

A photo gallery of some of events in the aftermath of the Bloomsburg 2011 Flood.

Bloomsburg Flood 2011 Photo Slideshow

A photo slideshow from Thursday, September 8th unearthing many of the previously unseen areas the Bloomsburg Flood has touched upon.


While BU Now’s student staff is excited by a future one student editor describes as “unimaginable,” some college media pioneers involved in the site’s launch seem surprised by apparently aggressive challenges to its development from several faculty and campus media since its launch in April 2008.

GANAHL ON MEDIA: Hype In Hyper Local?

Even as the legacy media business model implodes and dozens of media outlets and thousands of journalists disappear, many pin some of their hopes for media’s future on hyper local news sites. But, are they ready to do media’s heavy lifting?

GANAHL ON MEDIA: Make Google Fix It

What’s a column on media without media predictions for the upcoming year? Right now everybody is in the prediction business. A Google search for 2010 media predictions resulted in over 9 million hits in just 0.22 seconds, really! And why be bashful, because who keeps score anyway? Twelve months from now, I’ll be lucky to find this column, much less measure its predictive value! So, here’s my 2010 media predictions.

GANAHL ON MEDIA: The J-Grad Job Crisis

QUESTION: What are the odds of finding meaningful careers in journalism and mass communications (J&MC) for the more than 50,000 students graduating in 2009-10 from the country’s 480 plus schools with 4-year communication programs?
ANSWER: While it’s impossible to be precise, history may guide us. The authors of the annual graduate report conclude