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Music Editor for BUnow, Mass Communications major/Professional Writing minor, Bloomsburg University Class of 2016.

A Quick Rundown of the Panama Papers: Essential Facts

Have you heard about the Panama Papers leak and the scandal surrounding it? If not, here's your guide to understanding why this is such...

In the Aftermath of “Damn Daniel,” White Vans are Being Sold Online

It seems that the "Damn Daniel" meme is finally running out of steam, after it blew up the internet and landed the two 14-year-old...

The F-35: A Next Generation Thorn in the Side

The F-35, the  United States' fifth-generation stealth fighter, is still stuck in more than a decade-long stall. On Feb. 9, a premature copy of the...

Do You Miss 90’s Nicktoons? “The Splat” is Here to Help!

Nickelodeon understands us millennials. Believe it or not, the 1990s ended 15 years ago - but the memes, pictures, slogans, and endless quotes of 90's...

“Blood Moon” Eclipse Tonight

A boring old Sunday night is about to get better, thanks to the amazing grace of space. What better way to ring in October...

Alcohol in a Target?

Target may have a solution for the stress of shopping: serving alcohol. That's right, a Target store is being built in Chicago as we speak,...

Hollywood’s Favorite Sparkling Vampire Boy is Engaged

That's right - Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are now engaged after only six months of dating. The couple was not the first to...

Is It Really a Scam? Quibids Explained

You've probably seen an ad for on TV - where you're told "thousands of customers save up to 95 percent" on popular products...

Blink-182’s Online Drama: The Complete Saga

Members of the band Blink-182 have been in the spotlight across social media for about two weeks now, but for entirely wrong reasons. It all...

ESA Comet Landing: the Monumental Journey Into Deep Space

History was made by the European Space Agency (ESA) on Nov. 12. Their washing-machine sized space probe, named Philae, touched down on a comet...

I Love You, From Me

A Japanese company is bringing new meaning to the phrase "love yourself.” Travel Company Cera Travel, located in Kyoto, Japan, is now offering Japanese...

Albums Out This Week (11/10)

Cult of Youth - Final Days Damien Rice - My Favorite Faded Fantasy Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways Garth Brooks - Man Against Machine Job for a Cowboy...

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