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BU BARCs Back!: Introducing the Bloomsburg Anti-Rape Coalition

Many Bloomsburg students will recall reading a horrific text notification received in October of last year: “Bloomsburg University Police today received a Campus...

John Quiñones: Anything is Possible

Bloomsburg University students, faculty and townspeople packed the seats of Carver Hall last night to hear ABC’s John Quiñones speak during Black History Month...

The Pressures of Journalism in Trump’s America

At a campaign rally on wednesday night, President Donald Trump spoke out against political violence. “We should not mob people in public spaces or...

Hating the Media

During the height of the recent Kavanaugh controversy, a friend of mine expressed his frustrations with the way that both Republicans and Democrats chose to...

Why Does Gary Johnson Want 5%?

Following the first debate, Gary Johnson was excited at the possibility that he may make it to the oval office without having to get...

The Unofficial Debate: Epic Rap Battles of History

If you ever wondered who would win in a rap battle--Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton--now you can find out for yourself: Of course, this is...

Donald Trump: Genius or Moron?

I have no interest in keeping anyone in suspense: he’s a moron. Is he a competent businessman? Many people believe so. Is he a...

Why Isn’t the Media Talking More About WikiLeaks?

At this point, nearly everyone knows of WikiLeaks, a website created by Julian Assange to obtain and publish sensitive material, designed to protect whistle-blowers,...

Voting Your Conscience

The polarity of this election season has given birth to many new third-party voters. When given the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,...

The Strike is Over; Let’s Have One Last Look at What Happened

If you are a student at any Pennsylvania state school, you probably just received a text or email letting you know that the strike...

Not Everybody is on Strike

For the most part, the Bloomsburg campus has seen a sudden decline in campus traffic since the beginning of the strike. However, not every...

Pa. State Schools Strike: What To Do Now?

As a student, it would be impossible not to be confused by the recent happenings on campus regarding the strike.  Most of our professors...

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