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Monica Grater

Where My Best Friends At, Snapchat?!

Snapchat recently updated its app, but it may have downgraded in the eyes of many with one of the major changes that came along with the update.

The Bieber Curse

Bieber hangs out with a lot of athletes and attends sports games regularly, but if teams know what’s good for them they will have their security keep him away at all costs.

Attention All BU Seniors!

Don’t miss the chance to get all of the information you need before graduation and the chance to ask your class officer’s any questions you may have.

A Sneak Peak of the Sexiest Night on TV

For the first time in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show history, the angels are traveling overseas to strut the runway in London.

Thanksgiving Break = The Best Break

Sure, Christmas break and spring break are great and all, but Thanksgiving break is often overlooked and has the potential to be the best of them all.

Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” Campaign Causing Outrage

Victoria’s Secret is under fire yet again but this time for their new ‘Perfect Body’ campaign that was designed to promote the lingerie line “Body by Victoria.”

A Special Punishment for a 10-Year-Old Pretending to be 18

A father gets creative with his daughter’s punishment.

T-Pain Can Actually Sing!

T-Pain showed the world at his NPR tiny desk concert that he never needed Auto-Tune.

Binge Eating After a Breakup Taken to the Extreme; Woman Stays in KFC for a Week

Shen decided to stop in at KFC for some kentucky fried chicken after her boyfriend broke up with her. That’s normal, turning to some good old comfort food, but what’s not is how long she decided to stay.