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Get the chance to win prizes while giving this Sunday!

Need something to do on Sunday, November 8th? Give back to the community for only $5.00 while getting the chance to win prizes and mall discounts!

Crazy Blogs – “Oh, the things people do!”

People blog and take pictures of the craziest things. Check out this list of interesting blogs/picture sites, that have been relayed to me or I have stumbled upon. Feel free to comment and add your own to the list.

Write Anything Lately?

Warren: The Bloomsburg Literary-Art Journal Deadline for submissions: Fri., December 12 Submit: One piece of prose and/or up to three poems Up to three art or photography submissions (Black & White)

‘Tis the Season at Mount Hope Estate and Winery Mansion

At the Mount Hope Estate and Winery's Mansion you can take part in interactive tales and poems by Edgar Allen Poe. During the winter season...

Obama Wins Vermont, McCain Wins Kentucky

Photoshop Election! First results in for Vermont and Kentucky. McCain takes Kentucky and Obama takes Vermont. Vermont is known for its great skiing and Kentucky is of course known for its great chicken.

BU Now – Free Cookie Day 11/4 and 11/5

BU Now will be holding a free cookie day on campus outside of Kehr Union on Nov. 4 and 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

Meet Tim Burton’s Projects

Burton is collaborating with Disney to recreate Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Linda Woolverton (writer of The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast) is the screenplay writer. The movie will be 3D and is to premier spring 2010.

Creating Evolution is Creating Controversy

A long awaited game stirs up some controversy and some questions. Evolution or Creationism? Is this game effecting children? What the heck is "Rickrolling?" _____________________________________________________ If it were possible to create an entire planet and everything in it would you? On Sept.7, EA games released “the highly anticipated game” Spore. Spore is considered a God game. The player takes the role of creator and basically controls all aspects of the game. From the cell stage to the space stage you are in charge of what your creature becomes.

The Tan of the Present

Want to get a tan without the risks of harmful UV rays? Sunless tanning has come a long way since the days of orange...

Man’s Best Friend or Man’s Best Livestock?

Pennsylvania, especially Lancaster County, is well known for its puppy mills. Puppy mills are breeding factories for puppy wholesalers. The Oprah Show featured a...

¿No Hablas Español?

You don’t speak Spanish!? You can learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish with My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS.  My Spanish Coach...

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