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Lauren D. Smith

Obama’s Last Words on Petraeus Scandal

Recap of CIA Director, David Patraeus’ scandal and resignation

Natural Hair Series: Which Hair Type Are You?

Are you treating your hair type the best way you can?

A Closer Look at Chinese Club

Bloomsburg University welcomes Chinese club hosted by Daniel Copes for this semester. Chinese club is an on-campus organization, which serves to engage students in learning about Chinese culture. Copes, a physical therapy major with a minor in Chinese, is currently…

Many Phases of Mariah Carey

Life is more than just a Fantasy Like many other aspiring singers, Mariah Carey wasn’t born in the starlight, but served as a pure example of accomplishing your dreams with commitment and hard work. Carey not only had the voice…

Disney vs. Nickelodeon: Lindsay Lohan

Isn’t that the girl from Parent Trap? Almost everyone remembers seeing double the first time Lindsay Lohan stepped on the TV screen, but this was not where her childhood stardom began. At the age of three, this New York-native modeled…

Why Study Abroad?

One BU student’s experience studying abroad

Natural Hair Series: Going Natural 101

For those girls who are thinking of going natural or just trying something new, let me give you some helpful hints to make sure you are fully informed about transitioning to being “natural.” Terminology “Going natural” or formally known as…

New Budget Proposal Revealed

Gov. Tom Corbett released 2012-2013 budget proposal which was posted on the Bloomsburg University’s website around 8:30 a.m. on Wed., Feb. 7. The proposal initiates another 20 percent reduction of funding to all Pennsylvania’s state-owned universities.   This news release…

First Lottery Experience

It was just my lucky day, when a friendly stranger handed me my first lottery ticket at Finn’s store on Main Street, Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 2:25 p.m. “The friendly stranger bought an extra ticket for me, after I interviewed…

Vice Versa: New Beginning

Vice Versa exclusive interview & photos inside! Vice Versa is a multicultural organization in which incorporates a mixture of dance and modeling. Vice Versa was founded by a group of students in 2006 and has continued its legacy to promote the use of creativity and art through their organization.