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I Went to Trump-Pence Rallies, and This is What Happened

Since the very start of this presidential campaign, there has been a lot of controversy, especially in the area of Donald Trump. Yet attendance for his rallies...

Sunbury Motors Kia Uses Recent Clown Hysteria for Marketing Purposes

Perhaps you were sitting in your car or simply tuning into the radio at home when you heard this commercial play: "There's been a lot...

What Do Our Classrooms Look Like in the Midst of the Strike?

With the majority of Bloomsburg University's faculty on strike, many classrooms are left empty. Void of the future's working minds, void of professors, and...

Drug Overdose: A Growing Epidemic?

Yet another family is left shattered due to the affects of drug overdosing this week. We have seen several of these heartbreaking cases over...

Nazi Flag on Display at the Bloomsburg Fair

Bloomsburg Fair vendor Lawrence Betsinger has been selling flags for about 45 years now. However, this year his stand brought a lot of controversy...

Ellen DeGeneres Gives First Lady a Tour of CVS

Ellen DeGeneres has taken the First Lady’s preparation for life outside of the White House into her own hands. DeGeneres taught Obama that she...

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