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The Curse of the Expired Decals

I have several horror stories about parking tickets, but this is the most frustrating.

Welcome to Bloomsburg! Now pay up

As it also turns out, the tri-level was no longer purple decal parking, THE SIGN JUST SAID IT STILL WAS.

A Truce to Stop the Madness

This election is like a house party that got out of control. Maybe a few too many guests were invited, some of the newer kids did not know how to handle themselves, and a few too many members of rival cliques attended and next thing you know no one is having a good time. So before someone busts up our presidential party, I have a few guidelines that will help make these final few weeks as pleasant as possible.

Just Stay Home This November

Today, I am here to encourage all Bloomsburg students NOT to vote this Fall. Now before the firing squad lines up in our “comments” section, let me explain. I do in fact believe that it is important for the Bloomsburg community to vote. In fact, I urge all of you to do your research and decide which homecoming candidates are best suited to be our king and queen (Cheap plug for my friend Sheila Martin). Also, no student should neglect to fill out their Bloom Idol ballot each Thursday night.

Water Polo Kicks Off Tournament

  I am very picky in terms of my sports. I acknowledge baseball, basketball and football (hockey is on probation) while everything else kind of...

Husky Highlights

  Battle of the bands- While at Bloomsburg, I have had the privilege of witnessing community members rise to meet a pressure situation on several...

Football Home Opener Photos

Click for photos of last weekends matchup between Bloomsburg Univeristy and California PA.
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