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BUSTED Takes the Stage Tonight

Tonight, the student performers from BUSTED take to the stage to entertain and educate once again. Tonight's episode "Survivor Fever," follows the gang as they plan for their upcoming spring break vacation. Tensions rise though when Tracy begins having strange dreams that predict terrible things happening to the Bloomsfield students who get on the plane.

Democracy Matters Hosts Double-header

Thursday night will be a busy evening for the members of Democracy Matters as the organization prepares to host both a CGA presidential election forum and a film viewing. With CGA elections currently underway, Democracy Matters has invited candidates and the student body to an open forum where the Bloomsburg community can learn more about CGA and the important issues facing the campus. The event begins at 5 pm tonight and will take place in Old Science room 113.

Sweet Music on a Historic Day

Forty years from now, our grandchildren will sit perched on our laps listening to our story about the day when everything changed. We will paint for them a vivid picture detailing exactly where we were and what we felt at that historic moment.

Begin Your Quest

Your college experience will prove to be one of the greatest adventures in your life. It is up to you however just how exciting these adventures will be. If you are interested in making the most of your opportunities while attending Bloomsburg University, then you should consider taking the time to learn more about the Quest organization.

BUSTED returns to stage Monday

This Monday night, the cast and crew of BUSTED (Bloomsburg University Student Theatrical Education Drama) will present Episode # 26 from their ongoing musical series about college life...

Dog Show – Roongo’s Competition

Our campus athletic teams are not alone this fall in the chase for championship dreams.

Celebrating BU NOW’s 200TH Post!

November, 4th 2008 is certainly a historic day. Tonight all across the globe, the eyes of the world are on BU Now as the staff celebrates their 200th ever post. Over 400 hundred visitors have already joined the celebration. When reached for comment, editor Shannon Hoffman exclaimed, "I don't even know what to say right now, I am simply overwhelmed with emotion." Special events editor, Andrew Wakelee however, showed little enthusiasm about the accomplishment. "I want more," explained the resident Debby Downer. And more he shall get. Here is to another 200 fantastic posts in the near future!

A Winter Wonder-land

With the end of the championship drought hanging in the balance, the city of Philadelphia is left covered in a blanket of snow and doubt. As brutal winter weather pounds the city, everyone is left wondering when there will be some closure to Game 5 of the World Series. Take a look into the mind of a Bloomsburg Phillies fan trapped in the most frustrated city.

Meter Madness

Alright so, it was a Thursday and I drove up to campus and parked at the meters by the gym.

While I was sleeping…

Well, I have all evening classes this semester so I refused to pay for a parking pass when I really did not need one.

The Endless Battle

So I quickly wrote the check, finished the appeal, and ran out of the office screaming, "I HATE THIS CAMPUS! WHAT A BUNCH OF BEAUROCRATIC BULLS&*T!" ... right in front of the president.

Commuter Chaos

But never did I imagine that the University I've come to love would act like such vampires towards its student body.
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