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Block Party 2010: The Empire Strikes Back

The second article of the Block Party experience trilogy. Written April 26 2010, Joe Arleth has a talent for finding the story and giving you a full days recap of it, all in one very entertaining article.

The Story of Block Party 2009

Our goal was to give you the most complete and accurate portrayal of the Block Party experience. Our victim was Joe Arleth. His mission: Enjoy the day just as he would normally, but document the entire experience. Here is his final report.

Press Enterprise Fails in Block Party Coverage

Although Bloomsburg students and community members have succeeded in revamping Block Party into a safer and more enjoyable experience, The Press Enterprise continues to misrepresent the event and mislead the public.

Cell Phone Donation Drive

Old, Unused, or Broken: These phones are recycled through the "Shelter Alliance" program in exchange for funding. We accept phones in any condition and chargers are not needed. Please help!

The Legend of "Block Party Bert"

Excited for Block Party? Everyone is. But do you know the origins of Bloomsburg's infamous holiday? For the first time, the legend of Block Party is revealed.

Cup O’ Joe: 5th Serving

Joe Arleth questions his decision to attend Bloomsburg, shares some of his favorite blogs, and celebrates the glory that is "Halter Top" day.

Cup O’ Joe: 4th Serving

The thought of graduation got you down? Can't stand to face a life of 9-5 work? Well, take a look at Joe Arleth's alternate lifestyle plan. Very early retirement.

Cup O’ Joe: 3rd serving

Meatheads, Super Heroes playing baseball, Escalators, and the impending BU Now-ESPN war.

Cup o' Joe: 2nd serving

Conspiracy theories, contest announcements, Block Party t-shirts, Wrestlemania talk, and some cheesy 80's music.

Cup o’ Joe: 1st serving

Hello! Is anybody out there? After five months of writing, Joe Arleth is getting tired of the one-sided conversations. How will he combat this? Well besides growing a protest beard and going on a hunger strike, Joe will update BUNow every morning with a collection of thoughts, links, rants, and news to get you moving as you start the day. (Photo of Andrew Wakelee)

Hiding our faces

You may have noticed a lot of your closest friends changing their last names on Facebook recently. Don't go planning the Bachelor party just yet. These name changes are just a form of protection against potential employers who may want to snoop through your personal business. With so many students taking steps to hide their valuable secrets, we offer some creative ways to protect your identity.

In Homecoming Fallout, Both Sides Wrong

Apparently, no one ever taught us how to remove a band-aid. Instead of quickly acting to find a solution, we are instead embroiled in a never-ending discussion that is slowly causing more pain than good. I don’t have all the answers. All I can offer is an outsider’s perspective.

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