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Heather Lahr

Renaissance Fair Comes to Bloomsburg

Saturday, April 30 marked the 33rd Annual Renaissance Fair along Main St. in Bloomsburg. After the recent torrential downpours it was nice to see some clear blue skies and streets buzzing with life. Dozens of stands lined up the streets inviting…

Bieber’s Eggy Performance

While most of the world has been struck by “Bieber Fever” that isn’t the case in the land down under. On Sunday, May 1, Justin Bieber was set to perform in Sydney, Australia.  As he began to sing his hit…

BUnowTV Country Music Awards Review

Heather Lahr reviews the Country Music Awards this week on BUnowTV.  

Professor presents speech on complex essay.

On Thursday, March 23, Associate Professor of English, Dr. Stephen W. Whitworth, presented a speech as part of a series of lectures in the 2010-2011 Ervene Gulley Department Lecture Series.  Although the lecture was not announced around campus, 38 students…

Pulitzer Prize winning Poet Visits Bloomsburg’s Campus

On March 3, poet and 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner Natasha Trethewey came to Bloomsburg’s campus to answer questions and comment on her success, as well as her personal struggles as a writer. Born March 3, 1966 in Mississippi, Trethewey was…

2011: Year of the Global Storms

With Storms in California, Brazil, and Australia 2011 is shaping up to be filled with one weather disaster after another. Storms that are destroying entire towns and the livelihoods of the individuals within them are with an increased intensity that may push 2011 to the top of the record books.

Bloomsburg’s Service Sororities

Why not Rush a fraternity or sorority that benefits the community?