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Put your pride aside: audition for Mr. Bloomsburg

Why not put a spin on the traditional pageant and swap genders?

$2 Bob Reveals All

Have you ever wondered who $2 Bob is or what provokes him to frequent the local bars? Have you ever wondered if he's married or where he gets all of his $2 bills? These questions and more are answered in this interview with $2 Bob like you've never seen him before.

Flu shot has tragic side effects for NFL Cheerleader

Desiree Jennings, a 26-year-old Washington Redskins cheerleader, is suffering a severe side effect from the flu shot. She now has a rare neurological disease that only allows her to walk backwards or run forwards. Take a look into the life of Desiree through this tragic video.

Scuba Doo?

Not to be confused with Scooby Doo, the Scuba Doo is most definitely not a cartoon. This underwater scooter is making quite a splash in the world of water sports.

“New” da Vinci Discovered

A portrait of a young woman, thought to be from the 19th century and by a German artist, is now being confirmed by art experts as a true Leonardo da Vinci. Two years ago, it sold for $19,000, and today, it is valued at more than $150 million.

Booby Traps On Campus

The Haas Gallery of Art hosts many different art exhibits throughout the year. Presently featured until October 17, 2009, is the work of Claire Rau in her exhibit Booby Traps. Check out these hand-built objects of menace while they are still available!

House Made Entirely Out Of Legos

Check out this house with running water, a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. Seems normal, except that it's made entirely out of Legos, 3.3 million to be exact.

You’ve Never Seen Such A Cool Penguin

Take a look at this backpack wearing, grocery shopping, one of a kind, pet penguin.

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