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Bob’s Burgers Album

If you’re a fan of “Bob’s Burgers,” then there is some good news. They are releasing an album with songs from every episode. There...

Makeup for the College Budget

Makeup is an expensive investment, trust me I know. You might be thinking expensive makeup is worth it because it lasts longer and is...

What Type of Music Does Your Dog Prefer?

Let’s all be honest here, every dog owner has played his or her dog music and assumed they’ve enjoyed it.  If you have, you’re...

High School Musical 4?

High School Musical 4?! Yes that’s right, it’s actually happening. My inner sixth grader is screaming at the moment. But, how could they possibly...

Is Coachella Coming to NYC?

Well, sort of: the creators of Coachella Music Festival have announced that they plan on having a music festival called Panorama. Coachella takes place...

Rebel Wilson Calls Out Kardashian Clan

Let’s be real, Rebel Wilson has said what we’ve all been thinking: what are the Kardashians really famous for? In a recent interview, Wilson...

Wicked the Movie?

Popular Broadway hit Wicked, could possibly be hitting the big screen by next year. Marc Platt, who produced Into the Woods, told CNN that...

Is Gilmore Girls Coming Back?

It’s true: the series that ended eight years ago is coming back to Netflix. There are only going to be four episodes, each an...

Fall Out boy meets Demi Lovato?

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato singing together? Some people might think it's a weird combination. The song “Irresistible,” originally on the album American...

Zendaya Inspired Barbie Doll

What is one toy every little girl growing up admires? Barbie dolls. Three Barbie dolls are sold per second somewhere in the world  so it’s...

Ed Sheeran is Coming to the Big Screen

It’s true, all you 'Sheerios' out there! The amazing Ed Sheeran is coming out with a concert movie! It is going to be called Jumper...

Did Scream Queens Live Up to It’s Reputation

Murder and comedy on the same TV show; does it make for a popular series or will it fail? The first episode of Scream...

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