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Could There Be a Glowing Sea Turtle?

When diving under the sea at night, you would expect everything to be pitch black and hard to see, right? Well, marine biologist David...

Are You Ready for a New Scrooge?

A Christmas Carol, a Charles Dicken’s classic, has seen many adaptations in its day, and it sounds like another might be on its way....

“Zone Out With Your Bone Out” During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is here, and this year it has a surprising new contributor. Pornhub launched its clothing line, Pornhub Apparel, this past...

Katy Perry Denied Trademark for the “Left Shark”

Flashback to Super Bowl Sunday and think about the halftime show. Remember Katy Perry performing? Good. Now, what else do you remember about her...

Freshman Year: 17 Lessons Learned

Freshman year of college is the most exciting, stressful and fun time of your life. In just one year, you get to do so much; from...

Song Pick of the Week

It’s finally that time of the year when it’s starting to get warm out. The sun is shining, everyone has spring fever, and you...

Lessons Learned from the Show Friends

The hit sitcom Friends (1994-2004) was and always will be a great show. It will without a doubt make you laugh, which I can...

From Boy Band to Solo Artist

Today, boy bands are almost as popular as they were in the 90’s. Girls just can’t seem to resist loving them. There’s just something...

McDonald’s Launches a Big Mac Clothing Line

McDonald’s is taking over the world again. As if it’s not enough to constantly see those infamous golden arches practically everywhere you go, you...

Granny Chic?

One of the latest trends to arise has been to prematurely dye your hair gray. Recently, it has become an almost normal sight to...

Jevo: The Keurig for Jell-O Shots

Making Jell-O shots is a long process for something that should be so simple and enjoyable. Food and Beverage Innovations has come up with...

Shamrock Shakes: Awful for Your Diet, Beautiful for Your Soul

Most of us just finished celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, which means it was Shamrock Shake season. Mmmm; it is always so exciting when McDonald’s...
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