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Cailley Breckinridge

Man Sets Self on Fire in D.C.

Man dead after setting self on fire in Washinton D.C. yesterday afternoon.

Twerking World Record Broken

Big Freedia and 358 other twerk their way into the Guinness World Record Books.

Gunshots Fired Near Capitol Hill Leaving Female Suspect Dead

A woman was killed by police earlier today after trying to ram gates at White House.

Fort Hood Shooter Convicted and Sentenced to Death

After nearly four-year-trial, Fort Hood Shooter was sentenced to death by 13-member military jury.

Civil War Continues to Rage in Syria

Violence in Syria continues, as two year civil war claims the lives of thousands.

Doctor Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder Trial in Philadelphia Abortion Case

Philadelphia man found guilty for the murder of four infants and a woman.

Verdict released for the Jodi Arias First-Degree Murder Trial

Jodi Arias found guilty of first degree murder and now awaits final sentencing.

Upcoming Program Board Events

Upcoming Program Board Events for the month of May

Pot Bust on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Justin Bieber’s tour bus is raided for drugs on European tour.

“Catching Fire” trailer

The long awaited trailer for “Catching Fire” has been released and will be in theaters Nov. 22, 2013.