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Ashley Scioli

Together We Are Free

The film, “Together We Are Free,” showcases the whole process of planning and executing “The Rescue.” On Feb. 22nd this film was shown on campus. Two roadies, Natalie Warne and Bert Ng, represented Invisible Children and spoke with students after the screening.

Vote for the Outstanding Teacher Award

If you will be graduating in December 2009, either undergraduate or graduate, you are invited to nominate an outstanding professor. From now until December 11th at 4:00 p.m., students can nominate their favorite professor for the Outstanding Teaching Award, sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Center (TALE).

Around Europe in Three Weeks

Traveling around to six countries in three weeks could prove to be a difficult task, but in my case it was nothing but an experience of a lifetime. First stop in Germany, then onto Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, France, and finally England. The Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Royal Crowned Jewels, Anne Frank House & the Peace Palace were just a few of the main stops we took along the way.

BU Civic Engagement Expo

Thursday, September 17th, will be a day long event including Constitution Day and the Community Care Fair. The events will take place in the Kehr Union, Multipurpose A & B, from 9:30AM through 4:00PM.
The Community Care Fair will offer students the opportunity to talk to representatives from local organizations that offer opportunities for internships, work-study, community service projects and more.

Patrick Swayze Loses a Battle With Cancer

Patrick Swayze, a well renowned actor for the past thirty years, lost his battle with cancer on Monday while in his home. Swayze was 57 years old and had been battling with pancreatic cancer since March 2008.

BU Now Hosts Block Party Information Session

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, BU Now will hold a block party information session in room 218 of Centennial Hall. Board members will answer questions regarding various guidelines and procedures for block party, scheduled for Saturday, April 18.

Outstanding Teacher Awards

From now until April 10th at 4:00 p.m., you can nominate your favorite professor for the Outstanding Teaching Award, sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Center (TALE).

Staff YouTube Picks

There are millions of YouTube videos out there but these will keep you entertained for hours.

To Study or Not To Study?

personally I have found that studying is not the hard part, it’s the easiest actually. It is the motivation to actually start studying which I can never seem to find. So here are a few tips once you have actually decided to study and not surf the internet all day.

Invisible Children, Seen in “Night Commuters”

A 23-year-long war. Millions of people dead. Thousands of children being kidnapped and taken to be forced into becoming child soldiers. Children afraid to sleep in their own homes. No jobs and no food.