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Using schools to slim down children: Positive changes in school may prevent childhood obesity

With more than 12 million children and adolescents considered overweight or obese, public schools throughout the country are introducing healthier foods and requiring more...

Crazy in Love: BU Professor says yes, love does make us crazy

A young Sigmund Freud reportedly said, “one is very crazy when in love.” For those in love—the weakness in the knees, butterflies in the...

American Obesity Rates Soar

America remains the fattest nation, as recommendations by health officials to eat healthy and exercise stay widely ignored. In the last year, adult obesity...

Increasing Student Population Equals Changes at BU

May 6, 2011 marks the last day of the semester. Already, admissions personnel have begun looking at applications of those looking to attend Bloomsburg...

University Foresees Changes as Student Population Grows

By Amanda Hopkins With just 20 minutes before class starts, freshman Lisa Aiello is circling her room looking for a book. The night before, she...

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