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Alex Paulinho

Adventure is Closer than You Think!

Are you looking for something adventurous to do this summer? If you are staying in the Bloomsburg area or are looking for a short travel for some fun, visit the Poconos. Just a short drive away from Bloomsburg there are…

University students Take on the United Way

        On Thursday March 19, ten Bloomsburg University students met with ten unique United Way agencies to build both a campaign and a relationship with each other. Dr. Kristie Byrum, a Bloomsburg University professor, took the initiative to…

Bloomsburg University Supports EOS

Public Relations Cases & Problems class from Bloomsburg University aims to fundraise $1,500 for the local EOS Therapeutic Riding Center. EOS Therapeutic Riding Center, founded in 1992 by Debbie Smith, is a horseback riding facility that aims to improve the…

Math: A Constant Battle of Confusion and Cluelessness

There is one class that encompasses the true meaning of confusion and dismay. A place where everything looks foreign and as much as you learn it, it will never make sense.             Math. Starting out at a young age we…

Sterling Banned for Life

The NBA hit the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, with a lifetime ban today along with a $2.5 million fine for racist comments that he made earlier this week. According to ABC News, “Effective immediately, I am banning Mr….

Graduation Fashion: Do’s and Don’ts

Some of us are studying for finals or focusing on just finishing the semester. Others have something else very important on their minds: GRADUATION. Graduating is an exciting time and a relief, but it can also be a major cause…

BUnow After Dark

This section will hold all of the sex, love, scandals, drinking stories and everything that happens when the sun goes down.

Sin Awareness On Campus

  The preachers are back again. On Tuesday Feb. 25 three men were seen on the patio of the Student Service Center (SSC) preaching to students about what they view as right and wrong. While observing the scene at the…

BU Education Budget Cuts

Education is supposedly a top priority in today’s society. The irony behind this is that when the government makes their budget cuts, they cut the budget of education vastly.