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Spiral Frog Takes Place of Ruckus

t ended approximately a few weeks ago, and anyone who used the program is most likely unable to now. I have found an alternative, but its just not as good as Ruckus was or ever will be (I doubt it...)! It's called SpiralFrog at

Working for Pennies in College? Try Out GradeFund…

There are sponsors from all over the world who support college students through Students receive payments that are dependent upon the grades they receieve. For example, someone may give $5 per "A+" you receive, and so on.

Peer-to-Peer Filesharing…That’s Some Ruckus!

Here at BU, filesharing programs such as the more popular Limewire and others have been banned completely from the network...And just tonight, my friend told me about a whole new program named Ruckus.

Starbucks to Offer Free Tall Coffee on Election Day!

If you are worried about staying awake on Election Day - Worry no more!  Starbucks is going to offer free Tall-sized coffee to anyone...

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