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How Bloomsburg Voted

Kehr Union: Obama- 1,397 McCain- 611 Town Hall: Obama- 853 McCain- 465 Fire Station: Obama- 942 McCain- 652 Overall: Obama- 3,192 McCain- 1,728

Students argue political positions in Vote Jam Debate

During last Thursday's Vote Jam Debate members of the BU College Republicans and University Democrats sparred over America's future as it pertains to students and energy.

Review- Department of Eagles: In Ear Park

The genre "indie" is one so broad that it's a bit meaningless. Nevertheless it's necessary, at least as an introduction, to categorize the band...

Parking in Bloom – The Curse of the Purple Decal

Complaints about sufficient parking, or a lack of it, and subsequent fines for violations are heard almost anywhere with high numbers of cars and people.

BU Biofuel Bus Running Well but About to Hibernate

The new biofuel bus with "BU Biofuel Initiative," the team of professors and students, has lowered the University's carbon footprint by about 5%. But the team has faced some limitations and the bus can only be used until October.

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