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When the Leaves Fall

"But the beautiful thing about life, about the seasons, about your sister having kids, is the resilience of it all--it’s knowing that as long as you’re living, there’s always room for things to be born again."

Early Bloomer: Into the World of Eating Disorders

*Editor's note: This post discusses the author's experience with an eating disorder and may be triggering for some audiences.*

The Lukewarm Wind: Coping With Existential Emptiness

My niece and I looking out a window at their new house taken on self-timer (May 1, 2020). *All photos by...

Ponderings From the People: The Pandemic Told Through Quotes and Photographs

Ponderings From the People I was curious to see what the public had to say regarding the current state...

The Fifty Minute Goodbye: A Student’s First Hand Account of Our Changing World

The 50 Minute Goodbye I think I was in the car when I got the email. With squinted eyes,...

I Don’t Care If I’m Ugly

All photos by A.C. Brooke. Changing the Beauty Narrative It’s funny how the word...

The Beauty of Normality

Living By Little Moments There’s a lot of things I’m afraid of: alligators,...


I remember being called fearless once. It was a compliment intended to applaud how vulnerable I allowed myself to be through my...

In a Field of Wildflowers

All photos courtesy of A.C. Brooke. The People You Can't Pick

Off The Grid: 30 Days Without Social Media

Introduction Social media undoubtedly plays a huge role in our lives today. So...

What If?: An Interpretation of the Bible and Our Universe

I believe in God, but I haven’t always. There were many different reasons I strayed away from religion, but one of the...

A New Take on Nihilism

Introduction Going into this project, I was fully aware of the fact that it could very well be my undoing. Pondering over the purpose of...

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