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Abbey Willcox is a secondary education and English major at Bloomsburg University with a minor in creative writing. She is currently the Opinion and Editorial editor. Abbey focuses on creating fun, interesting and informative articles while helping others shape their unique crafts.

Kim Kardashian Broke Our Trust

Let’s be real, Kim Kardashian is really only famous because of a sex tape; without it we wouldn’t have ever known who she was,...

What Being Basic is All About

Before diving into this it’s important to define what “basic” means. It comes from the term “basic bitch.” This term, just like “basic” itself,...

What You Wish You Wore : 2014 Halloween Costume Re-cap

1) Hawaiian punch What you’ll need: A Hawaiian shirt, shorts, flip-flops, and boxing gloves Extra points for: A straw hat and/or sweat ban, lea, or bottle...

News Reporter Says Young Women Should Get Back to Tinder

A news story that started about women’s influence on upcoming elections took a large turn when Fox News reporter, Kimberly Guilfoyle, tactlessly denounced young...

Big Stars with Baby Bumps

So many babies, so little time. Here’s your update on some of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrity couples and their baby news: Mila Kunis and...

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Trailer Released

Avenger fans assemble! Marvel has released a new teaser trailer for the second Avengers movie. Joss Whedon, the director and one of the writers of...

Scandal Fashion Line

Check this out, gladiators! The Limited has developed a collection inspired by Olivia Pope's sleek style seen on Scandal. Kerry Washington, the actress who plays...

Emma Watson’s UN Speech

On Sept. 20 Emma Watson delivered a speech about a new campaign called HeforShe at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Since...

This is What Dreams are Made of: Hilary Duff’s New Album

Lizzie McGuire is all grown up! Well, Hilary Duff that is. Hilary last played the character in 2003 which was eleven years ago. If...

Stereotypes: Football Game Watchers

Everyone’s leaned in and stressed. Some are biting their fists, others are hugging a pillow, while some are busy demolishing dip. This is football...

The 13 Ways You Know it’s Finals Week: Bloomsburg Edition

1. Andruss is packed to the max This is when finding a cubby becomes a mission and you realize Where’s Waldo has secretly been training...

“What Happens at Fest, Stays at Fest”

  It’s that time of year! It's the fourth annual Springfest. All BU student, faculty, staff, families, friends, and guests from the community are invited. This...

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