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Tracy Morgan Struggles with Recovery after Car Crash

Comedian, Tracy Morgan, was involved in a car crash in June and has been struggling with his recovery ever since. His limousine was struck...

Cosby Accused of Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby, the 77 year old American actor, comedian, and producer who changed TV when he first started out in the 1960s, has been...

Eminem Threatens Lana Del Rey in his Rap

Eminem has made many enemies by meanly rapping about them in his songs, and he just added someone else to his list, Lana Del...

Is Christmas Over Marketed?

Did you notice how every year, Christmas decorations come to stores even before Halloween approaches? Does it bother you at all? It bothers me. Christmas...

‘NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys

The 1990’s were a big time for boy bands. Some of the most popular boy bands include O-Town, New Kids on the Block, 98...

Teen Dies from School Shooting

The students went to school thinking it was just going to be a normal school day like all the others. Little did they know,...

Surviving Ebola

Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding. It spreads through contact with infected body fluids and...

Watch Out for Randy Orton, You May be Next

Vines of WWE star Randy Orton randomly RKOing (Randy Knock Out) have gone viral. They're hilarious. Check it out for yourself!    

Ke$ha Sues Producer

    There always comes that point in someone’s life where they just can’t take anymore, and need to escape; Kesha has hit that point. Kesha...

Bloom Students’ Most Awkward Moments Ever

Most people have a lifetime filled with awkward and embarrassing moments. Your reaction could either be to laugh about it or run away from...

Halloween Do’s and Don’ts

Do's                                                                                                                                         Dress up! Go out and party Be aware of your surroundings Eat some candy (But not from strangers) Decorate your house Be creative and original with your costume If you’re...

Library Starbucks vs. Commons Starbucks

  Many people love Starbucks, and there are two on campus: one at the library and one downstairs of the Scranton Commons. Both get good...
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