The women out there who enjoy wearing makeup understand the struggle of purchasing makeup. There are so many different products to choose from that sometimes it is hard to pick the product that will work best for you. Not only do you have to buy the makeup, but you have to choose an applicator for it as well.

Here are the ins and outs about these two different types of applicators, the beauty blender and the stipple brush,  for face makeup.

There are so many benefits of using beauty blenders. Most makeup artists or women with a daily routine  enjoy using beauty blenders because of the even finish; you will not have to worry about annoying creases at all. The blender nicely shades together foundation, highlight and contour. This is a great tool to use if you are not a big fan of “cakey” makeup. Plus, it has great flexibility and is perfect for getting in the small hard-to-reach areas and even fine lines.


On the other hand, other blending and foundation brushes have some drawbacks. They can get dirty very easily; the bristles can cause breakouts, and it can create an uneven look. When applying foundation or any other face makeup with a brush, it tends to leave behind bacteria on the bristles. Then the next time you go to apply your makeup, you are putting that bacteria right back on your skin. This can cause unwanted break outs. The makeup can also build up in unwanted areas when applying it with a brush.


I have had some good and bad experiences using both of the applicators.  For all the beautified women who adore makeup, absolutely consider beauty blenders. This product creates an even look, covers the fine lines under your eyes and helps to hide dark circles and wrinkles. A huge benefit of using beauty blenders is that they are softer and it lasts longer. It comes in an individual size or in a pack from $2-$4. You can get these from Ross, Marshalls or any other big department store that has a cosmetic section such as Sephora, Mac or Ulta.  Get creative and show some amazing beauty blending work ladies!