Antonio Brown strips, storms, and says goodbye mid-game

During the 3rd quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Antonio Brown stormed off the field.

Brown was seen visibly frustrated on the sideline, while teammates Mike Evans and OJ Howard tried to calm Brown down. These efforts were of no avail as Brown proceeded to remove his pads and throw both his jersey, and gloves into the stands. While both teams were still on the field, Brown ran across the field towards the locker room while throwing the peace sign towards the Jets home crowd.

Buccaneers head coach was furious during the post-game conference and immediately stated, Antonio Brown is “no longer a Buc”. The Buccaneers will be releasing Brown in the coming days. Arians also reinforced his statement by adding, “I’m not talking about it. He’s not part of the Bucs.” This release highly signifies the end of Antonio Brown’s controversy filled NFL career.