Another Blemish on the DeSantis Campaign


AI Generated Art of Ron DeSantis

On July 23rd, the Ron DeSantis’ campaign Twitter account retweeted a video criticizing Trump for his record on immigration and LGBTQ+ issues. The video displayed a person who had become disenfranchised towards Trump because of his failure on immigration and LGBTQ+ issues.

The person witnesses DeSantis’ actions on these issues and beings supporting him. The controversy comes at the end of the video, which depicts Ron DeSantis at the centre with soldiers marching toward Florida’s flag before the centre crest of the flag is overlayed with the Black Sun.

Screenshot of the video

The Black Sun is a solar symbol developed in Nazi Germany by the Nazis. Originally designed for the remodeling of a Wewelsburg Castle. The castle was intended to become the headquarters for the Schutzstaffel or the SS. Since the collapse of Nazi Germany, the symbol has become popular with Neo-Nazis, Neo-Fascists, and white supremacists. The symbol was used by the Christchurch Mosque shooter and the Buffalo shooter, both shooters targeted minorities in the name of white supremacy. 

This controversy is another blemish on the DeSantis campaign. The campaign started out rough when DeSantis announced his candidacy on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk. The event topped out at 302,000 listeners after Musk’s Twitter Space kept crashing for people.

The DeSantis campaign fired numerous staffers in a cost-cutting effort in mid-July, and more recently he has cut even more, cutting his total staff count by a third. DeSantis has been struggling to make up ground on former President Donald Trump, even being behind in polls in Florida by 20%, a state DeSantis won reelection in last year by 20%.



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