This is one of several election stories, or vignette, submitted by Professor Santus’s journalism classes.  These articles provide glimpses into the election process that our students and faculty are experiencing during the time leading up to the election.

Bloomsburg University student, Arthur, has strong feelings about who should win the 2008 presidential election. However, he cannot vote himself.

He was born in Russia and moved to the United States when he was just one year old.  He and his family still have not tried to receive their citizenship here in the United States so neither of them can vote in the upcoming election.  Even though he cannot vote in the election, Arthur is still involved in the politics of what is going on in the United States at the moment and its importance for America’s future.

Arthur thinks that Senator Barack Obama should become President and said it is because “Obama represents change.  John McCain just reminds me of George Bush, who I can’t stand, and everything that is wrong in this country.”  He further explained that the only reason that McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate was just a publicity stunt.  “Palin is not suited to be vice-president and it is a shameful thing that McCain chose her,” he said.  He thinks that Obama and Biden are the people that can change this country around and make it a better place.

Arthur also said that many of Senator John McCain’s supporters show the worst side of citizens in the United States.  He said that with many of the John McCain supporters you see attacks on Obama’s race, ethnicity, and that he is Muslim even though he is not.  He said, “Whenever I see Obama supporters they never show this extreme hatred towards other Americans.”

When asked how he feels about not being able to vote in the 2008 Election, Arthur responded: “To tell you the truth, yeah it would be nice to become a citizen and be able to vote, but it doesn’t bug me that much.  I am thinking about moving out of the United States eventually because of the economic crisis here.  I do think that the election is very important though.”  He said, “I only hope that Americans pick the right person to lead their country.”