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What Does Your Drunk Food Say About You?

Pizza- This person is playing it safe because this is the classic drunk food. No one can get enough of pizza, it’s basically triangle perfection. There is never a bad time to eat pizza. It’s the best meal all the time without needing a reason.


Pretzellini– You’re drunk….you’re really drunk. And you’re committed. Committed to wanting the greasiest drunk food in Bloomsburg and what would that be you may ask? A pretzellini. This person has the ability to wait an hour to get this beautiful creation, but I promise the wait will be worth it once you take a bite out of the classic pretzel bun with marinara sauce and cheese or go for another flavor like my personal favorite the Buffillini.



Pink Weiner– This person is all about convenience. You’re on your way home and you see Em’s Pink Weiners. You are suddenly hungry, the line goes by quickly and you can walk while you eat. What’s better than that?



Anything Healthy– This person has a lot of self-control or maybe isn’t drunk enough if they’re reaching for anything that’s healthy. If you honestly believe by eating something healthy it will cancel out drinking your body weight in calories, good luck because it’s not. Put the carrots and hummus down, because they will be in the fridge tomorrow. Go get some pizza; your stomach will thank you.


I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.