After Dark

Ways to Hide Day Drinking


The weather is finally starting to warm up and soon many students may start day drinking. Here are a few ways to hide your beverage so you don’t have to worry about carrying your alcohol around in plain sight:

  1. Can covers: This method is extremely clever and not that difficult to pull off either. First, you take an empty 12 ounce soda can and cut the bottom and top parts of it off. You’re then left with the cylinder shape of the can. Next, cut the can long ways down the middle so that you have a place to slide your beer can into it. Basically, you’ll have an aluminum sleeve over your beer which looks like you’re just enjoying a can of your favorite soda. Refer to the picture below to see what a can cover is all about.
  2. Koozies: Everyone knows that holding an ice cold drink can really freeze your hand after holding it for a while. That’s where a nice koozie can come in handy. If you’re drinking a simple can of beer, not only does the koozie keep your hand from being cold, but it also hides your beer as well. They even make koozies to fit around bottles and pounders if you have those. Keeping a few koozies lying around in your apartment or house can be very helpful if you get the urge to go outside and day drink.
  3. Beer in a fast food cup: When day drinking season comes into effect, you may want to think twice about tossing your soda cups from Husky or Italian Kitchen in the garbage along with stocking up on plastic straws and lids. Another way to conceal your day drinking is to place a can of beer in the cup, put the lid on, and feed the straw through the lid and down into your drink. See the photo below.
  4. Being responsible: The main thing about day drinking is to be smart about it. Using sound judgment and not getting totally hammered should be your main concerns. If you live in town, maybe stay in your backyard, drink with your roommates, and just have some fun. For lack of better terms, don’t be idiots. The biggest day drinking occasion of the year, Block Party will be here soon enough and no one wants to be passed out before noon. Pace yourself, enjoy the nice weather, and be happy that you’re throwing back some brews.

Editor’s Note: This article was edited on April 16, 2015 to remove any reference to underage drinking. This is not something we condone or encourage as an organization.