After Dark

Twenty Years From Now

The nighttime summer air surrounds you as you walk down one of the many infamous hills that Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania has to offer. Encouraged by the season, and despite the hour of 11 p.m., the sidewalks are crowded. The smell of cigarette smoke and cheap vodka hidden in water bottles permeates the air. The soft glow of street lamps and the bright screens of cell phones light the way downtown. The chatter of students, the ping of smart phone notification and the blare of party music infuse with the sounds of crickets as they broadcast the warm temperature. Taking in the atmosphere, you wish time can stop and live in the moment forever, because you know twenty years from now you will look back.

When the sun is away the sky is a play.

Unfortunately, the clock is still ticking and you are not going spend the rest of this unforgettable night reminiscing. Instead, you are going to meet up with your friends, you are going to go to party, a bar or just hang out on a sofa. You are going to have a drink, then have another one, and then when   someone dares you to, you are going take a shot. Soon the music is turned up or a friend says something so funny you spit your drink out. Whether you are in the midst of club dancing your heart out, in a living room chatting with close friends or dodging the cops in a side street alley, you know you are having one of the best nights of your life. And twenty years from now, you will look back

Let’s face it, Bloomsburg University is a party school. Twenty years from now what are you going to regret?

For many incoming freshman, this is the perk of coming to college, for many sophomores and juniors, this is a reason for coming back, and for seniors it is a well-earned privilege. No matter what year the students of Bloomsburg are in, what happens after dark is a major factor in students’ lives. From drinking, to sex, to partying, to the fashion that only comes out at night, to the hilarious stories, to the drunken texts and photos and to the nights that you look back twenty years from now. This is why BUnow is proud to launch its new section After Dark.

BUnow is proud to present After Dark’s new logo.

After Dark will be a section devoted entirely to the students’ exploits as the sun goes down and the moon is on the rise. Written by students and for the students, this section will feature anything and everything to do with the nightlife of the student population, from bar specials to sex tips, to drunken tweets and fashion fails. To be a part of After Dark and to help your memories twenties years from now, you can send in stories, texts, photos and articles given with a name or anonymously to or follow us on twitter at @bunowafterdark. All information given will be treated respectively and courteously, and we ask the same for contributors when sending or receiving stories, texts, photos and information.

Twenty years from now are you going to look back on the night you had eight hours of sleep or the night the was so epic that you sent it to BUnow After Dark for everyone to see.