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Turnt Up Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we have many things to look forward to. It is a time of giving, family, food and especially alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol… The holidays can be rough, and with a house full of screaming relatives that you only ever see once a year, you may need to let off some steam throughout the day. Why not turn you misery into a drinking game? The rules are simple: every time someone says one of the things listed below, take a drink. Get ready to turn up for turkey day!

 1. When someone refers to the turkey as “moist”


2. When someone refers to the turkey as “dry”


3. When someone actually eats the cranberry sauce


4. When someone asks you “What kind of job can you get with that degree?”


5. When someone asks you why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend


6. When someone fights over what football game to put on


7. When your grandma or weird aunt gives you an awkward hug and sloppy kiss


8. When you see a relative passed out on the couch


9. Every time someone mentions Black Friday


10. Every time a relative yells at another relative


11. Every time an awkward silence occurs for more than five seconds


12.Every time a relative mentions how much you have grown


13. Every time someone mentions how thankful they are


14. Every time someone says they are hungry/stuffed


This final one you have to chug your entire drink!

 15. When a relative asks about your “plans” for the future


We hope these ideas get you sufficiently trashed and help you survive this crazy day until you have to do it all again next year. Just think, you have 365 more days to condition your liver for the occasion. Happy Holidays and happy drinking. Let the games begin!

Cailley Breckinridge is a Senior at Bloomsburg University majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Telecommunications. She is currently the Managing Editor. This is her sixth semester writing for BUnow.