After Dark

The Hilarious Things You Once Believed about Sex

When you’re growing up and you hit the time in your life when you start becoming a man or a woman, your whole life changes because of this new thing called “sex.” At first you know nothing at all about it. It is such a foreign thought to an immature mind. All of this confusion produces a lot of misconceptions about sex, most of which seems hilarious to us now. Here are just a few I obtained from some once confused fellow students…

1. “I used to think you could get pregnant via butt sex in 5th grade… Which poses the question, why did I know anal sex existed when I was in fifth grade??”

anal cartoon

2. “I thought a dick could poke through the top of your vagina if a guy banged you too hard.”

3. “I didn’t know about oral sex for women, had to figure that out on my own… not mad about it though.”

4. “Mountain Dew kills sperm.” Follow up question, “What? Like drinking it?” Answer: Yes, I think so.”

5. “I didn’t know what sex was, but I also knew the stork thing was bull****. I thought it was something in-between the two.”


6. “I once heard someone ask the sex education teacher in high school if even without having sex a sperm could crawl up into you if you were near it.”

7.“I used to think that to have sex doggie style they had to put it in your butt.”