After Dark

Thanksgiving Break = The Best Break

Throughout the year, college students are given a couple breaks to ensure their sanity. Sure, Christmas break and spring break are great and all, but Thanksgiving break is often overlooked and has the potential to be the best of them all.

Reason #1: Black out Wednesday. This particular Wednesday night is associated with heavy drinking and good company. Most people are blessed with Thanksgiving Day off so they do not have to worry about waking up the next morning for work. What else to do but binge drink when you have nothing to worry about except waking up to the best hangover food filled day ever?meme

Reason #2: The first reason Thanksgiving break is the best break leads us right into the second reason and possibly the greatest one: the Thanksgiving Day Feast. When you wake up completely hung over from black out Wednesday, don’t fret too much because as long as you can get yourself up, dressed and into your family’s car, you are going to one of the best feasts of the year. Thanksgiving Day dinner features some of the most anticipated dishes including; the famous oven roasted turkey, stuffing, casseroles, cheesy mashed potatoes, tangy cranberries and then finally lots of pie. The typical turkey food coma will set in shortly after your done dinner and you can relax and digest with your loved ones.

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Reason #3: After you have finished your Thanksgiving Day dinner with your family, drink some coffee and try to wake yourself up from your food coma because at midnight it’s BLACK FRIDAY! The beginning of Christmas shopping season officially begins with bargains at all of your favorite stores. The term “Black Friday” actually originated in Philadelphia (Go Philly!) because of the heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic that comes along with the busiest shopping day of the year. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your loved ones, you are bound to find what you’re looking for on sale!

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To sum it all up, Thanksgiving break is the best because of drinking, eating, and shopping! WOO!