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Reasons to be a Serial Dater


Maybe 20 years ago the idea of “serial dating” was frowned upon, but it’s a new day and a new time. Serial dating is someone that experience’s several levels of a relationship at once. For instance, a serial dater might have a casual, fun hangout partner, a sex buddy and a long-term prospect that participates in more serious dates. Women are wild and free, specifically free to test the waters a little. Which means take a car, or two, or 10 out for a test drive before you permanently strap yourself into that seatbelt! The benefit of serial dating is that you get to have fun while you can, not that settling down doesn’t come with benefits, they’re just a different set of benefits and a different type of enjoyment.

Here are some reasons why you should enjoy serial dating while you still can:


The number one plus in my book is the fact that you always have a free meal. Give or take chipping in for the tip every now and again, but for the most part FREE is the biggest benefit. Although not exclusive to younger women, serial dating is common among a younger crowd specifically women in their early 20’s, so this means that many of us are either still students or recently graduated, and learning the ropes of the “real world.” Nonetheless, we are all going to be, if not already, waist deep in debt, so trust me when I say FREE matters.



While on the topic of free. You have complete freedom to do and be whomever it is that you want. Without judgment and the worry of insecurities. If you want to spend your weekend reorganizing your closet, you can absolutely do that without running the risk of “neglecting your significant other.”



Being a girl is hard. Every girl can totally relate to that statement, and the hardest part is maintaining that “lady like” status. If you are flying solo, you can go the whole winter without shaving, if that’s what you are into. Also, you don’t have to constantly clean your apartment; you can leave your underwear on your floor, or even skip a day or two without doing dishes, and my favorite is spending the weekend without make up and eating greasy Chinese, because you don’t really have that special one to impress. It’s all you, and if you can live with a few extra pounds and no eyebrows for the weekend, then by all means slob on.images-5


When you practice monogamy, you and your life becomes grounded and routine in a sense. So with that being said, you don’t really have the liberty to just pick up and move away to another country. If you are just casually dating it is completely acceptable to be selfish, because after all, you are the only person that you need to worry about. So while you have that time, go out and explore, take an adventure; go throw caution to the wind, while you can. With this time you can make your dreams a reality before you become “tied down.”


There are many perks to serial dating. Ladies, there is no rule written that say’s you can’t play the field a little. So take as many free meals, go on bunches of fun dates, and ultimately put your self first. Do what makes you happy because it’s your life. This is what your 20’s are for, having fun and going on adventures.