After Dark

Places on Campus People Fantasize to Have Sex

There are a few places on the campus of Bloomsburg University that could be knocked of a bucket list of places to have sex.  And if you really haven’t thought about this at some point during your time here, you’re lying to yourself.  So here are some of the fantasized places to get down and dirty.


  • The Library- We’ve all spent hours in the library and once in a awhile, you get distracted from your boring notes and start looking at that cute guy or girl sitting just a few desks away from you. So why not make your study time a little interesting and knock some books off the shelves? I would probably go for the fourth floor because it’s normally pretty empty up there.  Make sure you’re sneaky and pretty quiet or you will be putting on a show for the whole place and probably end up getting thrown out of school
  • The 50 yard line- Now I’m not a football fan, but if you’re all about the pig skin this is probably on your list of things to do. Seeing as there are only a few months that aren’t freezing in Bloomsburg, you’re kind of limited on when you can do this.  You would probably also have to do this at night and be the very daring type.  So if you’re feeling daring one night and probably a little drunk, you could give this one a shot.


  • Any academic building- Now, I’m sure you have all gone into a day dream in class and for some of you I’m sure it was about getting it on with someone in class. So why not be a naughty student and get it on in a classroom after class? If you’re really daring, you could probably go for both the regular class room and the big lecture halls.
  • Carver Hall- Now this is probably the hardest one to do. Personally, I’ve only ever been in this building once and I’m not really sure where you could get it but if you want to finish a list of places here in bloom, this is definitely one of them. I mean come on, it’s called the Golden Nipple; that right there is a reason in itself to have sex in the building.


So for those of you who can’t wait till you get home from studying to get it on, here are some options for you. Just make sure you’re really sneaky and really cleaver about how you do it.

Editor’s note: BUnow does not promote people having sex on campus.