Perfecting the Art of Friends With Benefits: Rules to Live By

Friends with Benefits, or your FWB: at first, both parties are all for the thought “there’s no strings attached.” It’s one of the oldest excuses used to fulfill the need for sex. Staying just friends with benefits and no feelings, all depends with the people involved. In case you are partaking in friends with benefits, just keep these rules in mind.


The Golden Rule: Don’t develop feelings or it will never work.  If one of you develops feelings it will never produce a good outcome. Someone will end up hurt in the end and there will be no benefits to this friendship.

Try to have a FWB who is not “your type.” So your FWB is not your type, this means you don’t have to worry about becoming attached, right? In most cases, yes, so stick with someone you wouldn’t crush on. Let it just be strictly physical business no emotions needed.

Do not use pet names. Sorry, but this goes for any case. Don’t call your FWB “bae.” What are they a body of water? No, save the pet names for someone you get in an actual relationship with.

NEVER and I mean NEVER send the “good morning babe” text. The most dreaded text of all time from a one night stand or a FWB: the “good morning babe,” text. Before you hit send, rethink how the recipient will respond to that. That text will be the ultimate deal breaker to getting sex no strings attached. Don’t type it, don’t send it, and don’t even think of it.

FWB does not mean let’s have sleepovers. Once the sex is done for the time being, there’s no need for pillow talk about feelings. Get out while you can, cuddling not included. The longer you stay, the more likely these will turn into sleepovers, which could turn into let me leave some of my belongings here. That is never acceptable in a FWB situation where you want to have no possibilities of attachments.

If you keep these rules in mind when practicing the art of “friends with benefits,” you should be golden. So good luck, remain no strings attached, and when it comes down to it, everything is about sex.