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No, Really…You Should Break Up

break2Break up before or try it out? That’s the question many high school seniors are faced with before embarking to the great unknown we call college. As a senior here at Bloomsburg University, I think I can help shed some light on the daunting situation. Yes, I understand that your boyfriend or girlfriend must mean a lot to you, but I’m letting you know now, the relationship is not worth the trouble. Here are a few things to consider before saying you’ll give it a try.

  1.  Do you want to go out a cheater?

You’re going to cheat on your significant other I shit you not. When you walk into that first freshman party and everyone is lining the walls, making out and grinding, you aren’t going to think twice about Joe Shmo back home. You’re out, you’re drunk, and you aren’t going to say no to making out with this new guy. When all of your friends are dancing, are you really going to stand next to them not participating and drinking your warm beer? No.



  1. Do you want to be cheated on?

Oh yeah honey you aren’t the only one in a basement faced with whether or not you should hook up with that dude. Your boyfriend is at his first party as well, and hell no he probably wont hold back. He just made all these new friends and he doesn’t want to be pin pointed as that guy with a girlfriend. You wont know he’s cheating and you’ll be holding out and single handedly ruining your freshman year. Boys and girls, remember if you’re tempted, your significant other is probably tempted too.


  1. Oh so you have trust issues?

Have you ever tried a long distance relationship? You aren’t going to trust your boyfriend or girlfriend in college then. You can’t see them everyday so you really can’t keep tabs on them. You’ll see these new hoes and new boys leaning all over your person, though social media, and you’ll want to bash your head in. Trust. You’ll find yourself becoming absolutely insane with questions: “Who’s that boy/girl in your Snapchat video?” “How come you aren’t answering my texts?” You’re in college that’s why, and if your phone is out during the whole party you’re a loser.



  1. You’re becoming a new person

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you really start to figure out who you are in college. You make new friends that you haven’t been forced to be friends with just because your moms are best friends. You’ve begun to grow up, and what you want in life and what you want in a partner is absolutely going to change. Do you want that boyfriend/girlfriend back home to get in the way of that? They might not even like you when you get home!



  1. Do you want to end your relationship fighting?

You’re going to fight because you’ve never experience anything like college. You’re used to seeing each other everyday and “loving” each other all over your high school hallway. You’re probably thinking, “I can’t imagine my life without him/her.” Get over it. It’s going to be bad and you’ll end up resenting each other.


So there you have it. These five issues are enough to end it for me, but I don’t know about you. Having seen it all as a senior, I promise I’m not wrong. But hey, there’s always that one exception that everyone will try to be like. It’s not going be you. Just remember that.