After Dark

Life of a Bloomsburg DJ

From the bars to the house parties, Bloomsburg nightlife is always an adventure. We parade around with backpacks full of beer or wallets full of cash and prepare to enjoy our evenings. Some students get ready in a completely different way. Two Bloomsburg University students in particular have spent plenty of nights in the bar entertaining.

Life as a DJ must be interesting, up on stage, looking over the entire crowd as your music sets the mood. In an interview with one of Bloomsburg’s DJs, DJ Mayo, I found out about the weird, the funny, and some of the coolest moments of being a DJ at Bloomsburg University.

After DJing for four years, DJ Mayo has spent most of his time spinning at Lions Gate Apartments in Bloomsburg. From bars to house parties, he said the crazier things seem to happen at the house parties where there is a little less control of the environment.

When it comes to moments that are gratifying, he said that he likes when single people come in and leave with other singles, liking to think that the music is what set the mood for all these people to have a good time.

If you’ve ever wondered if what you are doing is embarrassing, well we wont release any names, but if you fall under the category of dirty dancing when you actually can’t dance then that’s what this DJ says is the hardest thing to watch. Though embarrassing doesn’t always beat weird, in one instance a girl came up to the booth and told him if he would play her song she would “lick his toes.” I am sure the interesting things that happen to DJs are endless.

Though DJs may not always get to participate in the party, they have some awesome stories to tell. When it comes to DJing in Bloomsburg, DJ Mayo says the students here have a “huge heart and thirst for partying.” Don’t feel bad for the DJs thinking that they miss the party, because they get to see all the action from the booth and enjoy all that they do.