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i.Con: The First Smart Condom

We live in a world of smart everything: phones, tablets, TVs, watches, etc. The list seemingly grows by the day and the newest addition to it is “i.Con”, a smart condom. Yes, even condoms have now been “tech-nified.” Notice the “.” between the “i” and “Con” as it is not an apple product, just a smart condom with a catchy name.

The condom itself is not the smart technology, rather it is a ring that slides over any condom. It slips on over the condom setting at the base of the penis. The Guardian calls it “a Fitbit for sex.” According to, it detects STIs, measures calories burned during sex, thrusts per minute, the number of sex positions used over any period of time (week, month, years), the length of sex, and girth and speed. The website does not state whether the device can be used on a bare penis or if it needs to be used with a condom. So, you risk-takers will have to wait for further information to be released to discover that.

Similar to Fitbits, you can then download the data it collects to another technological device (smartphone, laptop, tablet/iPad, etc.) and review your stats. You can even share this data with friends, strangers, anyone who you feel would like to know how many thrusts you average in a minute per sexual encounter. There will also be a feature that will allow you to anonymously compare your stats with i.Con users around the world, so you can finally see how you truly size-up.

The i.Con is not currently being sold as it is still in its final testing stages, but has a release intention for later this year. Packaging has already been created for the product and there areBut, we can only imagine it will not be long before it is for sale in the US and through many vendors. actually states that there has been interest in the product already from many companies, so no worries, guys. You can get your hands on one soon enough.

The i.Con has generated a lot of buzz already and it has not even been sold yet. There have been multiple articles, videos, and posts made about the product as potential consumers await its release. Check out one YouTube video about it below.

Everything around us is “smart” so we may as well bring that technology into the bedroom. If you, “or a friend” intend to buy this product when it comes out, we’d love to get a review!