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Hangover Cures

hangoverEvery morning of the weekend, I wake up wondering if I made it out alive from the previous night’s activities. My first thought is always, “am I hungover?” For the most part, I always am. Hangovers: Everyone gets them sooner or later, and the severity varies. If you’re going to take hangover advice from anyone, it’s me. I have suffered the most sever hangovers anyone has ever seen. From fainting in class to vomiting, I have the perfect cures you’ll want to try.

1. B-12 Vitamins
They work like a charm. You take one prior to drinking and then one more during the process. Alcohol is a diuretic, so you lose most of your vitamins throughout the night. B vitamins are essential to your body and keep the nervous system up and running. Helping your body out the night before prevents the hangover the next day.

2. Wonton Soup
My personal favorite remedy for a stage five serious hangover. Something about the mixture of broth and noodles is extremely settling to the stomach. Once you’re done throwing up, this soup will help you move on to even better food and prepare you for going out again.

3. Greasy Food (For the not so brutal hangover)
Seriously skip the bagel and go straight to McDonald’s. Order yourself a Big Mac, medium fry, and medium coke. Trust. Don’t feel bad; you’re sick and you need to fix it. The grease and the fountain coke are the only way you’re pulling yourself out, and you’ll be happy later.

4. Eggs
Eat them any way you can stomach them; just get them down. They’re loaded with protein and cholesterol which your body loves. They’re also full of b-12. Eat up.

5. Water, Green tea, Water, Repeat
I personally don’t want bland water in my mouth when I’m hungover. I’ll chug a glass when I first wake up but I don’t want it after that. Stock up on some green tea and let it work its magic. It’s full of antioxidants that’ll make your body recover quicker.

6. Self-pity
Sometimes you should 100 percent wallow in your hangover. Do not shower and don’t leave your bed. You’re going to need to sleep this one off all day and might even need to wear sunglasses inside. Pop an Advil and pull the blankets over your head, you’re hungover.

These six tips are the only way I know how to brave a hangover.  Follow my lead and you’ll be a functioning member of society sometime soon.