Guide to Day Drinking (All Day)



Drinking throughout the day is something that most college students are really familiar with. A lot of us find ourselves starting out, going hard at 8 a.m., six shots deep. I mean it is 5 o’clock somewhere, right? 

Then later you’re either feeling completely hungover or puking in a random alley by 6 p.m. (happens). Now this means you can’t attend the rager at Kappa Sigma or even hit the local bar. 

So with homecoming this past weekend, I am sure a lot of you are wondering why you had those three shots of tequila… or was it four? And then had to out funnel a friend with that 40 ounce of keystone light. Soon after you hate yourself for drinking too much.

 This is a refresher and a helpful guide to be the best day drinker for next year’s homecoming (or the next time you find yourself day drinking).


Before Drinking

Make sure that no matter what happens you remember to eat! I am not talking a five star gourmet breakfast here, just a simple meal of eggs and toast. And if you are feeling ambitious, make an omelet! Get those carbs and load up on them. You have a huge day ahead of you and you are going to need your energy. This will help prevent you from becoming puke city.
During Drinking

Before the game, you wanna start off simple, start out with a few nice mixed drinks like Sex on the beach, a mimosa, bloody mary, sangria etc. Make sure to sip on some water in between drinks, or even, as girly as it sounds, add some extra mixer like club soda to your drink.
Then maybe play a few drinking games such as pong, flip cup, drunk bus, slap cup, screw the dealer, dizzy bat, etc. Side note: these games can get you pretty belligerent, so be sure to pace yourself. You do not want to be known as the lightweight who got hammered during screw the dealer. 
But back to the pacing yourself while drinking, make a note not to drink during the football game. Go back and get a few more during halftime, then try to pick up something to munch on during the rest of the game. 

Shots should be used for later in the evening. If you find yourself wanting to have one, try to limit yourself to no more than two… and remember, beer before liquor makes you sicker!

While drinking, you are gonna be around of bunch of wild young people who are gonna try to encourage you to drink more. Little tip here: always stick to the same type of liquor. I know Jose Cuervo is amazing and oh so tempting, but sticking to the same liquor prevents you from getting sick and singing anaconda, then showing everyone you know how to “twerk.”Lets leave that to Nicki.

After Drinking

At this point, you are probably having those crazy drunk munchies. Anything with grease, bread… PIZZA! Make sure to get some food in your stomach before you head on home. 

Going to bed with an empty stomach is not a smart move. You are more likely to get a hangover when you wake up, and eating food the night before will help you recover for the next day. So load up on those carbs once again! 

Make sure to hydrate yourself with water and try to drink at least one bottle before bed. It is important to hydrate yourself properly from drinking all day. You will thank yourself for drinking the water, and your liver will thank you too.

Be safe, dance hard, and have fun! Can’t wait to see you out.