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Get Your Head in the Game! A Drinking Game That is…

It happens every Friday night: All dressed up, walk to a party with your best friends…only to find out that it’s another night of flip cup and beer pong. While these drinking games are classic, let’s face it, they’re BORING! After doing some digging, CollegePartyGuru.com offers lots of great games for the next party. Jenna Marbles, during her episode of Ridiculousness (Season 4, Episode 9) discloses a hilarious alternative for a traditional NERF ™ shootout with your friends. College students, read closely and take notes, the party is about to get WILD! This game could easily include all the people at your party, and is a game of speed. You might not feel it at first, but the alcohol could hit all of the players at once and get too fun. Accusations, commands, a round table; this game is fit for a King! (Or maybe a Pretty Prince) Game #1: Wales Tales Number of players: usually 8-10 people, more may be added Items needed:

  • Table (preferably round)
  • Enough chairs for everyone
  • LOTS of alcohol

How to play: First, the Pretty Prince must be determined. To do this, traditionally, those of “equal valor” compete to see who has the “fastest chug.” The winner becomes the “Pretty Prince.” Each player takes their place at the table. Each player is assigned a specific role. Roles are as follows:

  • Pretty Prince: He presides over the game. He can command anyone to drink at any time and for any reason.
  • Knights and Rookies: Servants of the Pretty Prince. Must obey all orders given by the Pretty Prince. Can accuse each other, in which more drinking or spitting occurs. They sit in the chair the Pretty Prince assigns to them.

The Pretty Prince calls the Knights and Peasants by reciting the story and then calling a social, designating the rotation, clockwise or counter-clockwise, the number of players and their positions, the type of game and additional rules. Once the council is called, the Pretty Prince may call for a “social,” in which all the players raise their cups and they all drink. The Pretty Prince may call a “social” at any time, commanding all to drink. The prince may also call a “waterfall,” in which the Prince begins to drink, then while the Prince is drinking, the next person begins to drink and so on and so forth, until their cups are empty. All of the players could be drinking at once! Knights may also accuse each other of breaking the rules or of another foul, which in turn slows the game down. They do so by pointing with the elbow, because knights are gentlemen and do not point fingers, at the violating knight and calling out their position relative to the accuser. For example, if the knight being accused sits threeseats from the accuser, the accuser calls out “Three, sir!” Once an accusation has been made, the accused must respond with “Who, sir?” or if they have not swallowed their drink, they may spit their drink at the other player as their response. This is a game of speed.

There are other rules and additional ways to play. The winner may be determined by the Pretty Prince based on rules set (unfortunately how to determine the winner is not explained in the rules. The idea is to keep drinking, respond when necessary, and chug if the rules are violated. For additional information and the official rules, click here.

Have you ever won beer pong and watched, soberly, as the losers chugged their beers? Well, in this next game, the winner chugs until the opponent yells “STOP!” Four Banger is another party classic that can be played at any party with friends. It’s similar to beer pong, but the more hammered you get, the funnier the game becomes.

Game #2: Four Banger Number of Players: 4 Items Needed:

  • 2 Ping Pong Balls
  • 4 Beers
  • A Beer Pong table

How to play: Set up the table by placing the four beers in each corner of the table, about a hands-length away from the edge of the table, upside down. Determining who goes first is up to the players. Play begins by throwing the ping pong ball to try to hit the other teams beer can. When the opposing teams beer can is hit, the players, to whom the beer belongs, must toss the ball to the other player and it must be caught. Meanwhile, the person who hit the beer can must chug his/her beer until the ball is caught, slammed on the table, and the opposing team says, “stop.”  Both beers on one side must be finished. The team that finishes both beers first wins. The losing teams must finish all the beer that is leftover or the players may decide the consequences. For additional information, click here. Happy Banging! 😉

Last, but most certainly not least, the most fun game of them all (and endorsed by Internet sensation, Jenna Marbles on her episode of Ridiculousness), the Nerf™ Apocalypse! This game is easy to play, but watch out if you’re in a well-populated area (or a big house), the party could get busted quickly.

Game #3: Nerf Apocalypse! Number of Players: 4 (Or more depending on the number of people) Items needed: Nerf Guns A Flag (Or an equivalent) Beer How to Play: Normally played indoors, this could also be played outside. Two players (or two teams depending on the number of people wishing to play), suit up in their Nerf™ gear and play Capture the Flag. If a person is shot by a member of the opposing team, the shot player must return to their “safety” area and chug their beer. Then the player may return. Whoever captures the flag first and returns it to their safety area wins. For Jenna Marbles’ official description of the game, please watch Season 4, Episode 9 of Ridiculousness on mtv.com. The segment in the video is (7:15-7:32). Click here to watch the full episode.


Now, let’s see a good game of Four Banger, Nerf Apocalypse or Wales Tales at the next party! Beer Pong and Flip Cup can be the go-to game, but liven up the party a little bit with new games! Your party could be the one everyone talks about on Monday and the place they come back to in the future. Just be careful the fuzz doesn’t catch you, I hear they can put a damper on things.