After Dark

Drunk Mode

drunkWe’ve all had a night where we drank too much and called someone we definitely shouldn’t have. To solve this problem, Joshua Anton and a few friends created “Drunk Mode.” The app got its start after a girl that Anton had a crush on drunk dialed him. “She said some things she would not have said sober. The next afternoon, I went and interviewed 100 folks asking them if they would use an app that stopped them from drunk dialing.” Anton said he always wanted to build an app and that drunk dial gave him the idea.


Drunk Mode comes with four features: Stop Drunk Dialing, Find my Drunk, Breadcrumbs and Find a Ride. Stop drunk dialing works by you adding contacts to your drunk mode list and activating it before you go out. Each time drunk mode is activated you can pick a time limit for how long you want it on.  Each time you go into your contacts to call your ex you won’t be able to see their number.  If you want to turn drunk mode off you have to first solve a math equation. So unless you become a math genius when you’re drunk, there’s no way you’re getting into you contacts.

Find my drunk became part of the app after Anton’s roommate had to drive to find two drunk girls at 2 a.m. “They were too drunk to know where they were. After an hour and a half of searching he found the girls…He came home, woke me up and said you should build an easy button to know where people are so when you lose them you can quickly find them.” said Anton. This feature was added two month later. So you can always find your drunk friends in case anyone’s lost.

Breadcrumbs was added to the app after Anton and his friends had a crazy night on a camping trip. “Anthony Head, Shawn and myself all walked five miles to the nearest bar at 11 p.m. at night and crashed a bachelorette party. We ended up hitching a ride at 3 a.m. in the morning through a random teacher who was driving by; who was really scared but she drove us back to the camp site.” The next morning Anton and his friends talked about their night. They walked five miles to a bar, and tried to crash a house party. They all thought it would be cool if they could map their night out and have a “crazy hangover Facebook status.”drunk2

Find my ride will be released really soon. This feature will allow you to find a ride home using Uber or give you walking directions.

Drunk Mode has had up to 260k installs.  Anton stated that every single day they have people using Drunk Mode.  They’ve  had fraternities, sororities, swim teams, lacrosse team download the app.  After Anton left college he had no idea what he wanted to do, but he did set four goals. Publish a book, build an app, figure out how to make things go viral, and start a public speaking service.  He managed to do all four of those things in just two years. “Drunk Mode became my job after college. I’ve got to say its one of the best Post-Grad jobs in the world.”