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Did Someone Say DAY DRINKING?!

Spring semester is here people. Do you know what that means? Two words. 11 letters..


As the chilling months end, and spring break passes, students start to step out of their long-term hibernation. The sun shines brighter and the weather gets warmer, but the beer always stays cold. So girls, grab your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts and sunglasses, and guys, grab your Chubbies and Sperry’s because Bloomsburg has gone “day drankin.”


One of the best parts of being a student at Bloomsburg is the day drinking. On a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon, don’t be surprised to see students outside on their patios enjoying a couple of brews, playing flip cup, beer pong, dizzy bat (my favorite), horseshoes, and good ole fashion corn hole. If you thought snow kegs were fun, just wait. The atmosphere is completely different in the spring.


The semester is ending but the drinks keep coming. It’s all about celebration. You worked hard this whole year, so sit back, and enjoy yourself. But, remember, pace yourself.

Put the Vlad down kiddos. Do not start off with a cup of hard liquor. You will not last through out the day. Take it easy. If you’re starting at 12 in the afternoon you have plenty of ti28b560dc41d8aa0611a646e8fdd58c24me to get your drunk on.

Any six pack of these beers will give you a great buzz.

 Sam Adams Summer Seasonal Ale $13.99

Bud Light Limes $10.99

Miller High Life $7.99

Blue Moons (My favorite) $11.99

Shock Top Depending on which kind you get, the cheapest is $7.99

But also, look out for Kegs. This is cheaper and usually lasts longer than your six packs. The beer quality is usually lower in Kegs.


Remember to eat! Make sure you start out with a hearty breakfast. Throughout the day, have snacks at hand. You’re going to need something to soak up the alcohol. It will help you last through the day. Ordering pizza is a great choice as well.


Trying to set the mood for your day drink? Here is the perfect playlist to achieve that:

  1. Sundaze- Florida Georgia Line
  2. Day Drinking- Little Big Town
  3. Bob Marley – Any songs of Bob’s is good. So this is your pick!
  4. Jimmy Buffett- Margaritaville
  5. Blink 182- Rock Show
  6. Nicki Minaj- Truffle Butter
  7. Rock With Somebody- Natalie La Rose, Feat. Jeremih
  8. Toes- Zac Brown Band
  9. Good Vibrations-Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch
  10. The Beach Boys- Kokomo
  11. Third Eye Blind- Semi Charmed Life
  12. MGMT- Electric Feel
  13. Thunderstruck- AC/DC…stand in a circle for this one, every time they say thunder, drink, and let it continue on through the circle.
  14. Get Low- LiL John
  15. Turn Down For What- Lil John
  16. Single Ladies- Beyoncé
  17. Hot Nigga- Bobby Shmurda
  18. Colt 45- Afroman
  19. Livin On a Prayer- Bon Jovi
  20. Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Oh em gee, it’s a day drink what do I wear? Here are some outfits you can work off of. Remember to always wear comfortable clothing and shoes:


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Hopefully this guide provides you with a successful day drink. Bloomsburg comes alive during the spring. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. Please remember to ALWAYS drink responsibly. Cheers, Bloomsburg!