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Dear Graduating Seniors

Dear Graduating Seniors,

We need to talk about a problem that has been coming up……..Why haven’t you been going out at every opportunity you can? As a senior, one semester away from graduating, you probably have heard, “What are your plans for after graduation?” far too many times. As time keeps dwindling down, it’s up to 76 days left until graduation and time is going by faster than ever. Spring break is approaching and then finally Gloomsburg’s weather will disappear. The glorious day drinking season begins, and before we know it we will be sitting together waiting to accept our diplomas.

This is a wake up call for all you graduating seniors to enjoy your last semester because you’ll never ever be in college again (Unless you go to grad school of course). When else is it going to be acceptable or even celebrated to go out every single night and go to your classes still drunk smelling like straight alcohol? Instead of crop tops and sweatpants, your wardrobe will consist of suits and dress shirts. Some of you might be leaving college and getting your own place, but for the rest of us, it’s back to our parent’s house we go. Let me tell ya, there is nothing more annoying than when your mom tells you that you’re an alcoholic.

When are you going to wake up on the weekend and have a roommate pow-wow on what happened or what everyone thinks happened the night before?

When will ramen and chicken nuggets seem like prime meal choices?

wheres the pizza

When will you get so drunk at the pregame that you don’t make it out? Wings at Good Old Days? Pitchers on Thursdays at Hardware? Sunday Fundays? When will you vow to never drink again with your roommates, and, then break it later that night?


After you graduate you have to be a real person with a real job, and you can’t skip your job like you did with classes at school and watch Netflix all day. You have to take advantage of this time and not sit on your butt because you are “too tired” or “it’s too cold out.” I promise you, next winter you’ll want to trade your left pinky toe to come back to college.

These are the only times where your friends are walking distance and you have the chance to see your best friends every second of every day. Cherish it. Remember or don’t remember that you’ll make a complete fool of yourself getting blackout drunk.

All I am urging you to do is to go out now while your hangovers aren’t that bad, when you don’t have to wake up for your 9 to 5 job. Netflix can wait; you can sleep when you’re dead.

Days can be tiring, you may have a huge workload, but it’s normal to procrastinate in college. Live it up now because soon everyone is going to go off into completely different directions, which is how life works, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while you got it. It’s the final countdown, people, do not let these moments pass you by. Let’s go out with a bang “no ragrets.”

tom petty

I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.