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College Guide to Friends With Benefits

Ever have a platonic friend that provides you maximum benefits mentally and physically but not romantically?

A friend who not only satisfy our friendship needs (such as hanging out, playing video games, watching movies) but also our physical needs (such as when it’s been awhile, tinder’s a bust, and your ex has a new boo)?

What is a friend with benefits, f*** buddy, shag mate, play pal, butt buddy?

A friend with benefits is defined by Urban Dictionary as, “A combination of friendship and sex. Love/romance has nothing to do with this term.” In other words, a FWB is someone you enjoy hanging out with and sleeping with, but without any romantic feelings.

If that sounds a little complicated, it’s because it can be… but it doesn’t have to be!

So how do you find a friend willing to provide some mutual benefits?

Although these types of relationships typically manifest on their own, you can attempt to initiate it. The best way to find a FWB is to openly communicate with your friend. Explain to them that while you value their friendship, you are also physically (rather than romantically) attracted to them.

Stating to a friend that you are interested psychically but not emotionally interested may seem difficult and even uncomfortable. However, having this conversation can help avoid the loss of a friendship you value in the long run.

How can you tell if they’ve got the same idea in mind?

These are usually the friends you are extremely comfortable with, are sometimes flirty when talking to, and brings sexual tension when they’re around. It’s okay to have friends that you just want to f*ck sometimes. We’re human.

It is possible for two people to have sex with each other and just be friends if that is the intention of both partiesAs we enter a world where casual sex is less taboo to talk about, there’s something we need to do… give it a label. So here it is, a label for buddies that bang; friends with benefits.